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XRM is an entertainment and multimedia technology company that combines compelling storytelling with innovative distribution to push the limits of creativity in both the traditional and new media space. Our 360 degree approach is dedicated to supporting, producing and financing unique intellectual properties and businesses that connect with a global audience. XRM's capabilities include all stages of the development, production and distribution processes as well as equity financing, co-financing and fund management. Through our strategic partners and venture capital investments, we have an international footprint with access to the major geographies and key emerging economies.

Artificial PosterArtificial
A Kid From Coney IslandA Kid From Coney Island
Devils PieA Devil's Pie
Sorry to Bother You PosterSorry to Bother You
TravelisteThe Traveliste
Five Nights In MaineFive Nights in Maine
Fruitvale StationFruitvale Station
Sorry to Bother YouSongs My Brothers Taught Me
Roxanne RoxanneRoxanne Roxanne

New KidNew Kid
Bar Answer PosterBar Answer
What We Believe PosterWhat We Believe
Pharma Cartels PosterPharma Cartels
The Girl With Seven Names PosterThe Girl With Seven Names

96next & Earos
Gen G & Hummly
Lokal & Mammoth
Octi & Paper Logo
Rageon & Serial Box
Stareable & Ticket Fairy
Tunemoji & Wishbobe
Yarn & She Leads Africa
Mixed Dimension & Dive
Wave & Figments

Angry Hero & AUM
Beck Media & Black Buddha
En Tech & I2bf
Mingbo & Paradise
Primeridian & Sundance
Transparent & Visinema
A-Fun Interactive